Complimentary phone or in-person consultation


We listen to you and identify your and your family's needs and goals for lifestyle independence.



We meet with you at your home and determine environmental accessibility needs and limitations.  



Our team creates design solutions based on your needs and lifestyle for safe accessibility.



Our team will collaborate with the contractor - yours or one you select from our list of recommended contractors.

Apply and Verify


We’ll assist you in procuring the equipment you need for your home design and confirm that the solutions have met your needs.

"Check in" service


After the project is complete we can “check in” with you at intervals of  your choosing.

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Details of our process

1. Complimentary phone/in person consultation to identify needs and goals for lifestyle independence

We are skilled in utilizing existing occupational therapy and physical therapy reports  if needed/ available to assist in identifying your abilities and needs. A ​Certified Aging in Place Specialist​ (CAPS) with a background in occupational therapy will be able to help you identify common solutions to barriers that might impact your safety and accessibility. ​We specialize in looking at an individual’s balance, mobility, hearing/ visual changes and cognitive skills as well as their desired activities, habits and routines.  

2. Evaluate to determine environmental accessibility needs and limitations.

We provide client-centered home safety and accessibility evaluations designed to identify ways to increase your independence and safety at home. We consider  the features of your home and how they can work with your current and future needs, while taking into account interior and exterior elements as well as mobility devices. 

3. Design - Create design solutions based on your needs and lifestyle for safe accessibility.

We recommend materials and solutions to increase home accessibility and prevent in-home injuries, customize modifications specifically for your needs and biomechanics, and incorporate designs that serve your needs. We design adaptations for the environment you live in to:

  • increase independence
  • promote health
  • prevent further decline or injury
  • support you now and later in life
  • make your home easier and more enjoyable to live in
  • reduce accident risk
  • improve safety
  • decrease caregiver assistance

We feel strongly that when we design and make modification recommendations, we are making suggestions that will add beauty and function to your home without feeling institutional. 

4. Collaborate with the contractor.

Once you select a design which matches your needs and/or your family and caregiver’s needs, you can choose your own contractor or select from our list of preferred contractors to complete the home modifications you’ve chosen. We can prepare the specifications and adaptive equipment requirements and provide them to your contractor. If you choose, we can continue to be available throughout the project to consult with builders,  contractors, interior designers, architects, or any other professionals as needed to implement our recommendations and design. We'll ensure that the proper equipment is ordered and installed to your individual specifications.   

5. Apply and Verify.

We’ll assist you in procuring the equipment you need for your home design. We can educate you on the appropriate use of adaptive and durable medical equipment. We have access to and knowledge of new and innovative products that will support your independence, incorporate universal design, while adding value to your home and ease to your daily living.  Most of these products are not typically available in local retail outlets.  We have and continue to develop relationships with quality vendors and manufacturers to bring a variety of options to you to meet your home safety and independence needs.  We'll confirm that solutions meet your needs. We pride ourselves in being available to you in the long term to assure and educate you as well as caregivers and/or family members on the proper use of space and equipment after the modifications are completed. We follow up to ensure the changes that we recommended have met your customized goals. 

6. "Check in" service.

You can schedule one of our advisers to “check in” with you at intervals of  your choosing to analyze the progress of projects, make ongoing observations of environmental needs, problem-solve any current issues, and facilitate communication with family.