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Building Professionals

 Building Professionals:

Accessible Home Modifications done right!

Research shows that the most effective way to implement accessible home modifications is with a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach.

We work closely with designers, engineers, contractors, architects, draftpersons, and handypersons, to support ADA regulations, accessibility and design while identifying potential health risks.
This team approach relies on input from the client/ home owner, healthcare professionals, and building professions. We promote this approach for completing home modifications and encourage all building professionals to seek out consultation from an OT experienced in home mods whenever they are working with: 

- A client with complex medical needs

- A baby boomer looking to age in place

- Someone facing a progressive chronic disease (such as dementia, ALS, MD, MS)

- A caregiver looking to make a space safer and  more accessible

- Parents with a child who has special needs

Healthcare Professionals


We work closely with discharge planners, case managers, insurance companies, and social workers to minimize readmission rates and support a safe and timely discharge home. Benefits for insurance companies include: 

1. Increased economic value and affordability of care​

2. Improve health outcomes​

3. Ease administrative burden​

4. Support the Comprehensive Patient Care Model​

5. Implement Evidenced-Based Practice to guide decisions​

6. Streamline process for obtaining durable medical equipment (DME)​

7. Maintain member retention, satisfaction, and positive outlook toward their insurance provider

Benefits for hospitals and clinics include:

There has been a paradigm shift in how our medical reimbursement system is moving from a volume-based model to one focused on value and high quality. 

​We support this model and the “Triple Aim” of healthcare reform:

  • Improve population health outcomes
  • Enhance consumer satisfaction

Course Providers

 We have presented at many events and are available to provide our expertise for your needs including:

1. Presentations at meetings for civic organizations

2. Guest speaker engagements for universities

3. Continuing education courses live or as webinars

Topics can be individualized to your needs Generally topics include:

  • Accessibility solutions
  • ADA consulting
  • Fall mitigation / prevention strategies
  • Fall risk assessments
  • Home safety assessments
  • Equipment recommendations and procurement
  • Aging-in-place consulting
  • Accessible home modifications for children or adults experiencing a disabling condition
  • Universal Design Consulting
  • Homes for multigenerational families
  • Education and training to improve our clients’ quality of life in their home
  • Expediting and assisting with discharge planning from hospitals

Home Health Agencies

If your client loses their ability to live at home, you may lose your client permanently. Assisted living and skilled nursing facilities have their own contracted service providers.  We can help you extend your client/patient lifetime when you refer them to us before they lose the ability to remain at home. We can keep your employees safer within the homes in which they work by adapting the environment and keeping it safe for both them and the clients.


We can help your clients determine if a potential home can meet their physical and environmental needs.